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Helping others just like you get results

I bring a 360 approach that addresses your biggest barriers- whether you're looking for fitness or nutrition help, I have you covered. What's the catch? With me there's no lying to yourself. We will dig deep to find out what it takes to drive change; we build habits from the inside out that will translate to success in every aspect of your life. If you're ready to take responsibility for the best version of you, I'm the coach! Give me 100, I'll give you 110%!

"Find your speed, maintain your velocity, keep it up, keep it consistent, and stay in the pocket."


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Online Training

FaceTime/Zoom sessions 2x a week- $400 a month/ $50 per session

Working with Margarita is the reason I feel comfortable in the gym-not just on the cardio equipment. She did a great job of teaching me the "why" behind her recommendations, which made me actually stick to them more. She also did extra research about my health conditions to be able to provide an even better/more customized plan for me. Margarita is very adaptable as well-especially when gyms were closed due to COVID, I feel like she really cared to check in and see how I was doing and ensure I was still making progress without access to a gym. Overall, Margarita is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, paired with being a very understanding and motivating person too work with.

Dani H.

I've trained with margarita for almost 2 (amazing) years. Because of Margarita's technical knowledge of the body, she know exactly the workout I need for improvement (or recovery). Margarita also knows a ton about macro and micro nutrients and her nutritional recommendations based on my food preferences (fish,veggies) and lifestyle (anyone else hate cooking?) are spot on and manageable. I always make tangible progress toward my goals instead of feeling defeated. On this scale of 5 stars, Margarita should get 8! Highly recommended.

Leslie O.

Margarita has truly changed my life everything from the ins and outs. She is responsible, loving, and loyal. Those are just some of the things I will say about her. You aren't just a client you are a friend and you both work together. It's not an overnight process, but you both set goals together. It's truly beautiful the work I have done. For me, as a teenager I was worried about my nutrition and body image. She helps you love yourself in ways you didn't think you could, you learn to push yourself. It's not about finding the easy way to train, it's about finding the way that works with you. Margarita is all of those things!!! From a once insecure awkward teenager to now one happy, strong, confident young woman. Margarita will become a friend and mentor for life. Her work as a physical training coach has changed my body in ways unimaginable.

Mari C.

Margarita- Thank you for training me to help me deal with the recent angst of turning 50. Getting in shape can't turn back time, but it's a great way to feel better about the things we can control. You are an amazing trainer, coach and friend, and I cannot thank you enough for helping me and Ada improve ourselves and our lives. Never quit!

Dan D.

Margarita is the best! She doesn't cut corners. She knows her stuff, and takes the time to thoughtfully craft a program that she knows will work for each person she works with. She understands how to motivate each client uniquely and is empathetic to their personal experiences in life. She's in the business of changing lives... if you're looking for a true healthy lifestyle change, she's your girl!

Madison B.


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