Your "How to" Guide for a Gut Reset

Updated: Feb 23

We’ve seen countless ads- whether we want to or not. There are teas, soups and juices that sell us a dream and a quick fix. Influencers with that we've grown to love and trust use it so why not give it a try? It worked for them! You commit, you buy the product and go through the hunger and discomfort (and maybe even shit your pants) for some mediocre results, just to go back that next week to a processed food-filled diet. The intention is there and I commend you for that. But if you are going to detox, you owe it to yourself to do it the right way. Thankfully for you, I have the cheat code.

Here is my go-to guide on how to reset your gut the right way:

First things first- why do we even need to do one? Our body does a great job at detoxifying itself. Our skin sweats and regenerates itself and our liver, well, we all like to joke about what we’ve put that mug through. For the most part, it gets the job done but toxins can be found everywhere- cosmetic products, cleaning supplies, in the water we drink; even the air we breathe. Your body can use a detox from time to time just like good-ol Drano unclogs those pipes!

Our body is pretty freakin’ smart and does a great job of signaling what it needs; listen to it. You may benefit from improving your gut health if you’re dealing with any of these-

  • Slower metabolism and thyroid issues

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Fatigue

  • Excessive body fat

  • Mood issues

  • Nausea and diarrhea from high fat foods

  • Sensitivity to chemicals

  • Blood sugar imbalances

These symptoms will cause chronic inflammation over time and can halt fat loss or develop into more serious health issues if not addressed. Now that I have your attention *cough cough* let’s differentiate what a good detox looks like vs an ineffective one.


I don't know about you but I think I'll take the effective method. It works best because it helps your liver do what it needs to naturally. If you're not "sold" yet on skipping out on the surprise bathroom breaks- keep reading. It's science but not rocket science.


Ah! It Clicks! We can't possibly get the fiber needed to carry out those toxins out or conjugate them into being water soluble with just liquids! So what are the steps that actually work? I gotchu, fam ;)-

1.Prepare 5-7 Days

  • Reduce toxin exposure- lower caffeine/alcohol/sugar

  • Increase water intake and movement, sauna if possible

  • Practice meal prepping

2.Detox Days 1-10

  • Eat approved foods only and stay away from naughty list

  • 1 Shake per day as meal replacement & 2+ meals

3.Detox Days 11-15

  • Eat *approved foods only and stay away from naughty list

  • 2 Shakes per day as meal replacement & 1-2 meals

4.Restore 0-15 Days

  • Reintroduce eliminated groups one at a time

  • Be patient here- important not to skip this part of "retoxification" because

Before you say yes, I gotta warn you about some of the side effects. Just like Santa gives you coal if you've been really naughty, a detox might give you some flu like symptoms.

Only difference is at the end you will be gifted with dropping a couple lbs of toxic waste! With that being said, if you are ready to commit to a real detox and want to know more about what sample meals are approved please feel free to connect with me via email, IG or just sent me a quick text here!

"Start your gut check here!"

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